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JFX and Octolab World Invention Fair, 1998

After winning the Grand Prize at the 1998 World Invention Fair, JFX and Octolab created the Toxic Teddies based on their controversial scientific findings. Recently developed international standards for cuteness and horror have provided a new benchmark for fun. Their recent findings in the field of volume displacement have also helped them to really make it nice for you.

JFX and Octolab would like to thank; their fellow inventors who form the community of Spirit, the board members of the World Invention Fair and the good people of the SuperFun Company.

The Superfun Company

 The SuperFun Company is dedicated to bringing you the very best in creative playthings and gaming experiences. The company is located in New York and working hard to expand the world of the Toxic Teddies for your enjoyment and pleasure. What can you expect in the future of the Toxic Teddies? Well, we will tell you that work has begun on a pilot for an animated series and a comic book, and a few things that will definitely surprise you.

The Superfun Company is also developing all new exciting and educational lines for children of any age. Keep your eyes on the news column here on the site or join our mailing list to be kept informed.

The Original Toxic Teddies

Way back in early 2002, JFX and Octolab had invented the first Toxic Teddies as a byproduct of their research into genetic manipulation and molecular physics. In May of that year the very first series of Toxic Teddies were perfected and soon after that they had begun usability testing on an unsuspecting public. These original figures were released in a hand painted edition of 100 pieces each, which sold out almost immediately. Below you can see the original gang of 13 in all their glory.

The Toxic Teddies have had the attention of the Worldwide press almost since the word go. Below please find some of our favorite magazines that have featured the fine products of The Superfun Company.

"It can be hard to find the perfect gift to show people just how little you really care."
Maxim Magazine

Gawker.com knows what time it is - Feb. 10, 2005
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