Q: Can I send in my own ideas for future Toxic Teddies?
A: Unfortunately the answer at this time is you can't. We are unable to accept unsolicited ideas.
However, keep an eye out on this website or join our mailing list to be notified about an upcoming contest where one lucky winner's design will be realized as a Toxic Teddy!

Q: How tall are the Toxic Teddies?
A: The Toxic Teddies are approximately 3 1/2 inches tall
...or long, if they're lying down in a pool of blood :)

Q:Should I copy any of the things the Toxic Teddies are doing?
A: NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT. The Teddies are a place to put your bad feelings, so that you don't do any of these crazy things. Use the Teddies wisely and live a long, healthy and happy life.

Q: What the Hell where you thinking?
A: The Toxic Teddies are more than works of art, they can bring you mental relief. A place to leave all you bad thought about the world. A place to lay rest to the 24 hour a day assault of nightmares brought to us through media outlets. That's what we were thinking. It is time to lighten up.

Q: Are the Toxic Teddies toys?
A: No, They are works of art, each item a unique hand crafted work.
For Children 15 and up!
Warning: SMALL PARTS NOT for kids under 15!
And if you are over 15, don't be stupid enough to put any of the parts in your mouth. You have been warned!

Q: Is this the future of Teddy Bears?
A: Quite possibly, Can you ever go back now?

Q: Are you or the Toxic Teddies Evil?
A: The Toxic Teddies are definitely not EVIL. And neither are we. People who blow up buildings and hunt people down are EVIL. The Toxic Teddies are more of a reaction to all that REAL Evil in the world. They are our way of dealing with it.

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