Coy and aloof, Rubba is the toast of the town
in Bearsville's openly expressive society.
The residents celebrate his animal
magnetism, and his look is catching on.
He is totally in touch with his feelings and
provides a greatoutlet for others to get in
touch with theirs.‘Got a Rubba?' means
something totally different in Bearsville.


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His famed roadside cuisine is the talk of the
town. While no one is exactly certain, the
locals believe the secret of his tasty beef
treats is also the reason there are so few
stray cats, dogs and hobos around. But
at a buck a pop, no one's complaining.
Not satisfied with his hometown notoriety,
the Butcher has signed a deal to do a
cooking show on a national cable channel.
However, last we heard the production was
plagued by numerous delays, including the
disappearance of cast and crew.
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