Welcome to our 'Olde Tyme Gallery' section. Check out never before seen stuff like out DOWNTOWN Collection, stuff from the early days and some really cool one-of-a-kind figures. Most of these bears are either Retired or Semi- retired friends from our collection. Semi-retired means that they are no longer shipping to stores, but we have a few left available through this website.
The DOWNTOWN Collection
Big Ron
The REAL Olde Tyme
Chief Beara Beara
Blabba Bear
More from the Zombie Horde
The Original
Bone Zombie
The first public execution in Bearsville in the
last 33 years has left top scientists baffled
and the public's appetite for amusement fully
satiated. Local prison activists protested the
fact that poor Pierre La Poop did not have a
chance to get a college education before he
was slaughtered. "The guillotine is coming
back in a big way", says Bearsville's top
lawman. Everyone seems to have something
to say about capital punishment and its
effects on the whole town.
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