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December 2009

Toxic Teddies Featured in the excellent Friday The 13th Documentary

Jerry calls, SUPER FUN COMPANY answers! Check out these fine fiendish faces the CO. designed and built for the MISFITS 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR! Nothing like matching 5 foot glowing eyed MISFITS SKULLS to liven up a joint, huh?


MISFITS Toxic Teddies Featured in the current issue of Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue Misfits

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Toxic Teddies
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High Times Magazine Lights Up The Toxic Teddies

One of Bearsville's most popular periodicals, High Times, came to town to spread a little Christmas cheer. Not only did the Toxic Teddies get a swell mention in this years gift buying guide, but they got to be judges in the Battle Of The Buds. Get your copy today to help you with all your gift buying needs -

The Toxic Teddies Get Living Dead
The dead have come back to life and are eating the living. the Toxic Teddies have an entry in the wild Living Dead Doll custom show on view right now at the ShowroomNY. Ed and Damien invited JFX to do his version of the classic 'Toxic Teddie to their popular Living Dead Dolls line.

JFX Gets Exclusive Interview with Marky Ramone

Marky Ramone grants JFX an exclusive interview. Find out what he thinks about the Toxic Teddies, Sirius Radio and the Rock Star who said "F*** You and Your Baby".

The MISFITS Are Coming To Bearsville



Jerry Only wants to play special show in Bearsville

The Misfits and the Toxic Teddies team up to release the newest Toxic Teddies -

The Misfits

These figures will be available soon, so keep your eye on this space for more information. While you are waiting may we reccommend the fantastic 'Misfits meet the Nutley Brass album. The Nutley Brass have struck again and arranged the classic Misfits songs you know and love into the wildest elevator music you have ever heard. This album is pure fun to listen to.

Jerry Only



Series Three - Super Cinema Scenes

These Toxic Teddies Super Cinema Scenes are coming soon to a theatre near you. Four instant classics are on their way from the Superfun Company. Time of the Teddies, Teddy Kruebner, The Shiny and The Captain. Relive your greatest cinema monemst with Toxic Teddies Super Cinema Scenes

Time of the Teddies


The Captain

Teddy Kruebner


The Shiny


February 2006


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