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February 2006
New York Comic Con 06- Special Edition News Break
The Fans Get Better Looking and The King Gets Busy

New York Comic Con 06

Wow! this thing was 10 times crazier than anyone ever expected. The crowds were huge, the people were cool and the Toxic Teddies enjoyed the fine selection of refreshments provided by the Superfun Company. The Kevin Smith peeps made our day a couple of times this trip. Shouts out to RenFest Karla, Ming and everyone else we met from the crazy-ass View Askew boards. Wish we were going to see the special screening of Clerks 2, we do believe this movie is the shiggedy shazzbot.

As usual we were too busy at the booth to make it to any of the panels, but we did get to chill with Evan Dorkin, Kevin Eastman, SEEN, Damien Glonek, Phil Foglio and Professor William H. Foster III. We were also lucky enough to buy the 360 Toy Group 'Andy Mouse' vinyl based on the Keith Haring-Andy Warhol colab. Hmmmm, Is this going to set off a Haring renaissance, cos it is about time... don't you think?

Now on to the show highlights:

As usual every show has its golden moments, you can check our photo pages for past highlights. At this show there were 2 things that really took the cake. One was when this Stormtrooper with the face of the Burger King came dancing down our aisle with a burger in his hand. The guys next to us were blasting a Tribe called Quest and it just inspired the fast food space man to cut a rug. We have video footage of the 'Burger Trooper' that should be up shortly. It is so good we are going to enter it into Sundance.

The second was 'Fat Skeletor' - this was insane - a giant 450 pound human in pajamas that were fashioned to look like Skeletor's costume was lumbering about with an 'Unemployed Skeletor' sign. We didn't get a picture because we didn't bring the camera the day 'Fat Skeletor' showed up. If anyone has pictures, please contact us, this possibly tops 'Fat Spiderman' and 'Costume Too Small Spiderman' put together.

Fat Spiderman

Costume Too Small Spiderman


First,I'll start off by saying he looks much bigger in person. Special thanks to our active research network out there, RenFest Karla comes through with a pic and now we can decide whether he is better than the two Spidermen above him put together.

I guess I should say something about comics because it was the Comic Con, I came home with a bunch a good stuff. However, I do believe the words of Jim Pernicone from the incredible comics shop Jim Hanley's Universe say it all. "Ronnie's not coming today because he's too lazy, he'll have to stand up all day. I hate Ronnie...and he hates me...but I also love Ronnie and that's what makes it all work...sort of".


Can't wait til next year
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And now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast


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